Who are you?
People change over time but nevertheless we are all human beings. Whether you are from the north or the south, urban or rural, young or old your story is worth telling and will engage.
What’s the story?
Arctic Minds is telling the story from within. There is no narrative other than you having the story, the one happening it. With great experience from hundreds of stories broadcasted and told on stage we can help you reach out with emotionally compelling facts and stories.
Social or not?
When the story is written and edited we still need to make sure that the story reaches the audience. With our expertise from one of Sweden’s largest accounts in social media we can help you communicate with your deserved audience.
Data for everyone?
There are trackers, counters and amounts. But without insights we can not get anywhere. We can help you track down the numbers you are looking for and what changes you need to make a difference.

”Arctic Minds want to tell the best stories from the Arctic. We are a storytelling company with large amounts of experience from Sweden’s largest broadcasters and online publishers. Arctic Minds has the north of Sweden as its home court and is also familiar with more remote areas as the capital of Sweden and even further south. Arctic Minds is an independent production company and agency for locations and people. We tell stories for an audience all around the world.
Lets work together!”
 Mattias Barsk, founder and CEO of Arctic Minds